About Us

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About Website

Needinhome.com is a website where buying guides and using experiences of all home related products are shared. We have Expert Authors who continue to share their experiences on this blog.

The experts at Needinhome.com work hard to find the best deals for you when shopping around your favorite stores! They also make sure you know what the latest trends in home design, furnishings, and appliances are so that you can stay up-to-date with the newest innovations in the industry.

About Me


Hi. I’m Catherine C. Vestal, the founder of Needinhome.com and author of the series  A Practical Guide To Home Improvement. On this site you’ll find all sorts of home improvement advice on everything from lighting to flooring to kitchen remodels.

Along with building some practical knowledge, my goal is to inspire creativity in people who are looking for ways to make their homes feel like a place they can call their own – whether it’s an apartment or a house.