The Evolution of Best 3 Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener in 2023 -[Tested & Recommended]

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Want to make your dull knives into treasure? When you want to slice tomatoes or cook salmon fish with your knives, sometimes you get the knife that makes food squish instead of cutting!

You feel bored and throw this knife into the trash. Solving your knife’s problems, Chef’s Choice has been a trustworthy name for over a decade.

Here you will get the best 3 Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpeners information for treating your dull knives and blades. These three electric knife sharpeners make your sharpening work easy and save time.

The versatile quality of the sharpener provides a unique cutting edge with diamond abrasives for all types of knives.

Our Top Picks:

” Traditional knives become high-performance edges. Combined with 100% diamond abrasive and 15-degree priorXV technology. Double bevel, single-sided, 3 stage sharpener.”

“Dizor engineered a sharpener with two distinct facets. Three stages can serve as sharpening, polishing, and hone. It can hone all types of knives as American, European, and Japanese knives.”

” Two stages sharpener with unique stropping and polishing. It can sharpen both straight-edge and serrated knives. Two years warranty is given.”

Product Reviews:

Have a look here to learn about detailed product reviews of the 3 best Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener:

1.Chef’s Choice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener with 100-Percent Diamond Abrasives and Precision Angle Guides for Straight Edge and Serrated Knives, 3-stage, Gray

Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener can convert your traditional knife into high-performance edges. Because of diamond material, this sharpener makes your 20 degrees factory edges household knife diverts an XV 15 degrees edge.

100% diamond abrasives and advanced stropping stage help you sharpen straight edges and serrated blades. In the time of sharpening, it creates noise 65DB to 75DB.

At this sharpener, flexible advanced patented spring guides can develop automatic adjustment and accurate control of the sharpening angle. It can feature a simple on/off switch.

A 3-stage edge select sharpening system provides optimum versatility in performing the perfect edge for each cutting task. In stages 1 & 2, you will get 100% diamond abrasive plating to sharpen and hone the edges; besides, stage 3 delivers a flexible abrasive system to polish and assist in sharpening the zigzagged knives. 

The razor edge is combined with a 15-degree priorXV technology. It is flawless, extra-sharp, and durable. You need approximately one minute for the first time sharpening, and resharpening requires only 10 seconds.

The measurement of this sharpener is 10L× 4.25 W× 4.25 H inches, and the weight is 4.42 pounds. It is made in the USA and platinum in color. Here you get a double-bevel and single-sided sharpener.

In this sharpener, you can sharpen Chef’s knives, Santoku knives, Bread knives, Hunting knives, pocket knives, filet knives, and serrated knives.


  • Effortless to use.
  • Three versatile stages are available.
  • Three years warranty.


  • Not valid for high-end knives.

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2.Chef’s Choice AngleSelect Hone Electric Knife Sharpener for 15 and 20-Degree Knives 100-Percent Diamond Abrasives Stropping Precision Guides, 3-Stage, White

Chef’s Choice AngleSelect Hone Electric Knife Sharpener is a Dizor engineered sharpener with two distinct facets, set at different angles and arch-shaped edges. The 3 stages can provide the service of sharpening, polishing, and hone.

It can sharpen edges easily and quickly because of diamond abrasion, the hardest natural substance on earth. The material of this sharpener is stainless steel.

The manufacturer relates a traditional 20-degree edge or a more delicate 15-degree edge for precision slicing. It can assure accurately sharpening throughout the entire border and removes any guesswork.

Stage 1 formulates a 15-degree arch-shaped edge, whereas stage 2 delivers a 20-degree arch-shaped and stage 3 performs an exceptionally polished finish using diamond abrasives.

The dimensions of this sharpener are 10× 4.25× 4.25 inches. The weight of this product is 4.15 pounds. The razor-sharp edge can be engineered with all types of knives.

However, the advanced technology of this sharpener provides a 20-degree edge for European and American-style knives. It executes a 15-degree edge for Asian-style knives and contemporary American and European-style knives.

You can easily sharpen all your household knives comprising all quality cutlery American, Asian and European knives, Santoku and Japanese style single-bevel sports, fine edge or serrated blades, and pocket knives. First sharpening takes 1minute time, and resharpening requires only 10 seconds.


  • Lost lasting.
  • Quick & easy sharpening system.
  • 100% diamond abrasive.


  • It makes lots of noise.

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3.Chef’sChoice 320 Hone Flexhone Strop Professional Compact Electric Knife Sharpener with Diamond Abrasives & Precision Angle Control, 2-Stage, White

Chef’sChoice 320 Hone Flexhone Strop Professional Compact Electric Knife Sharpener is a two-stage stainless steel sharpener that is white. It can sharpen 20 degrees straight edge and serrated knives. In stage 1, you get 100% diamond abrasive.

Stage 2 provides unique stropping and polishing for hairsplitting sharpness. It contains fast, foolproof results and highly durable edges. You will get better than factory edges of straight or serrated knives within a minute with this professional knife sharpener.

All knives become dull over the use of time. It depends on the resharpening method how long it can perform as a knife. Knives are created with the finest steel, so you need to resharpen after a few weeks of use.

By using Chef’s choice knife sharpener, you can sharpen Chef’s knife, bread knives, Hunting knives, Pocket knives, Filet knives, and serrated knives. The dimensions of this sharpener are 10.6× 6.4× 6.3 inches, and the weight is only 1.25 inches.

If you get your favorite knife squishing ripe vegetables instead of cutting, it is high time to resharpen your blade. Chef’s choice knife sharpener is very easy to use; just put your dull knife in this sharpener, plug it in and then turn it.

You can use both stages with a straight-edge blade there, but a serrated knife can go through only the polishing stage. The internal elastomeric spring guides hold knives at the right angle for sharpening surfaces to make sharpening easy.

The instructions of this sharpener are simple to follow. There are no lubricants needed for running the motor. The manufacturer gave a two years warranty for home use.


  • Easy maintenance.
  • Highly durable edges.
  • Fast and safe sharpener.


  • Making noise and vibration.

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Buying Guide Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

Buying Guide Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

When you are going to buy Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener, you have to be aware of some basic things that are given below:

Sharpening Stage:

Most electric knife sharpeners have two or three sharpening stages for coursing, honing, and polishing. The two-stage sharpener is suitable for home use, while professional chefs desire a three-stage sharpener. The price range also differs on the stages.

Abrasive Material:

The grinding wheel of an electric sharpener is called abrasive. Usually, this abrasive is made with diamond or sapphire. Though both materials can provide bright and sharp knives, diamond is the best abrasive material because of its hardness. 


Price is also an essential aspect of buying an electric knife sharpener. You may get a sharpener from $20 to $200, depending on differences in features. A two-stage sharpener has a comparatively lower price, usually used for home knife sharpening. The price depends on the material and stages.

Position guide:

When you sharpen a knife, you should place it at a proper angle or position. Otherwise, the sharpener will destroy your knife. Based on material and use, a knife angle is 12° to 35°. The advanced technology of knife sharpeners automatically places your knife at the proper angle.

Single or Double-sided:

If you have serrated knives, you can use a single-sided sharpener. But this sharpener scratches the knife and makes it unfit for the subsequent sharpening. Double-sided sharpeners have rotary strategies that make your work simple. 


Be aware of the safety of yourself and your knives. Choose the electric sharpener which has a firm grip and non-slip countertops. That sharpener is safe where the blade places the correct position automatically. In this way, you can avoid ultimate injury with your electric knife sharpener.


1. What knife sharpener do professional chefs use?

Answer: Most of the top professional choices for knife sharpener is Chef’s Choice Trizor XV. It is inexpensive and sharpens all your knives with 100% diamond abrasive.

2. Are electric sharpeners any good?

Answer: Electric sharpener comes with multiple stages for sharpening. You will get fast sharpening, and, user-friendly service.

3. How often do chefs sharpen their knives?

Answer: Professionals resharpen their knives at least once or twice a year. For home use, experts recommend honing your knives after 2-4 uses at home to protect your knife sharpness.

4. How long do electric knife sharpeners last?

Answer: Without any replacement, an electric sharpener can last one to five years with proper maintenance.

5. Where is Chef’s Choice knife sharpener made?

Answer: Chef’s Choice knife sharpener made by Edgecraft corporation, placed in Avondale, Pennsylvania.

Final Words:

No more worries for dull knives! The ultimate solution for your knives is in your hand now. The best 3 Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpeners solve your all knives crisis within a minute.

Choose the electric knife sharpener according to your preferences. Check all basic information before purchasing it. Bring speed in life by using a smooth knife and protect the existence of a knife by sharpening with the best knife sharpener.

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