Top 14 Best Marble And Wood Cutting Board in 2023-[Reviews and Buying Guide]

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For a complete kitchen counter, a cutting board is a workhorse. It is easy to care for if it contains ample capacity for chopping or carving.  We feel comfortable using large and clean chopping boards.

There are different types of cutting boards available in the market. Marble and wood cutting boards are more durable and germ-free than others. Here you will get the best marble and wood cutting board reviews.

A perfect and durable wood & marble cutting gives you relief to change it often. If you wish, you can serve yourself on those beautiful cutting boards as well. Where you store or keep these boards, always maintain cleanliness and make them dry after finishing work.

Our Top Picks:

Table of Contents

1. JEmarble Pastry Board 8×12 inch with Non-Slip Rubber Feets for Stability Perfect for Keep the Dough Cool and Chocolate Tempering

” Long-lasting, large, and non-slip pastry dough board for rolling and work. Decor your kitchen as an elegant serving board. Electro-polished surfaces help to clean it easily.” 

2. Homeries Marble Pastry Board

” 100% pure solid marble board for cutting, serving, and decorating. Heavyweight boards never move or slip while cutting. Two sizes of the board are available.”

3. Sonder Los Angeles, Large Walnut/Cherry/Maple Wood Cutting Board

” Durable edge grain designed board with inner handles, built-in crackers slide, and gift box. It is made from knife-friendly walnut wood. Need to give oil after every 3 weeks.” 

4. John Boos Block Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

Chop-N-Slice cutting board by John Boos is a lightweight and reversible wooden board. It is portable, maneuverable, and easy to store. Top choice of professional chef’s cutting and chopping block.”

5. Personalized Cutting Board, USA Handmade Cutting Board – Personalized Gifts – Wedding Gifts for the Couple

” Personalised hardwood cutting board on one side, another side engraving your special day with couple names. Three different sizes are available. Stand, board oil & wrapping paper come with the package. “

6. Personalized Cutting Board, Laser Engraved Gift for Anniversary or Wedding

” Three sizes and three species of wood available for engraving the customization. Display stand, board oil & gift box are given with packages. Great quality for making it an occasional gift.”

7. Personalized Engraved Charcuterie Cutting Board

” Natural solid hardwood cutting board that is FSC certified. Finishing is given with food-grade mineral oil so it is food-safe. The handle is attached on both sides of this personalized engraved board.” 

8. Homeries Marble Round Cheese Tray Board 

” Round marble cutting board and serving tray with a durable surface. The Heavyweight board fell, having a round bottom for surface damage prevention. The smooth finish makes it a decorative tray and a nice gift.”

9. Creative Home Natural Marble Round Board Cheese Dessert Fruit Serving Plate

” Heavyweight and durable marble cutting board with a sturdy surface. The anti-slip bottom keeps the board fit with countertops. Easy to clean.” 

10. Mud Pie Gold Edge Marble Serving Board Set with Spreader

” Gold edge marble serving board with a spreader given with a gold netted handle. The stunning look makes any celebration gorgeous. Size, quality, and finishing are very effective.” 

11. Marble Pastry Cutting Board

” Large marble cutting board with a rolling pin and stand. Dishwasher-safe product. Hard and long-lasting in feature, the non-porous and smooth surface of the board offers stunning views.”

12. Diflart Natural Marble Pastry White Cheese And Cutting Serving Board

” Long-lasting, smooth and cool surface of the board. Two sizes are available. Manufacturer provides replacement of the slab free of cost.”

13. Fox Run 3829 Marble Pastry Board White

“White Marble cutting board with a non-stick surface. Rubber feet attached for not moving from countertops. Washed by hand only.”

14. Greenco GRC0555 Pastry and Cutting Board

” White marble board with an elegant feature that fitted with all kitchen decor. Non-slip feet provide protection. Wash by hand with warm soapy water.” 

Our Product Reviews

The best product of wood and marble cutting boards are given below:

Best Marble And Wood Cutting Board

Best Marble And Wood Cutting Board

1. JEmarble Pastry Board 8×12 inch with Non-Slip Rubber Feets for Stability Perfect for Keep the Dough Cool and Chocolate Tempering.

JEMarble pastry board is perfect for making dough or chocolate tempering. Though marble stone stays cooler than room temperature, this pastry board keeps the dough relaxed and soft.

The board’s smooth surface compels the kneading process neat, clean, and professional.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: JEMarble
  • Item Weight: 4.04 pounds
  • Thickness: 0.5 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimensions:
  • Special features: Durable, Spacious.

JEMarble has been producing marble homeware since 1994. The product of this brand is made in Hualien, Taiwan. For making your life simple, they provide the highest quality of marble products through drilling, cropping, polishing, and grinding. 

Baking cookies, cakes, and pies are always exciting. Using the best kitchen appliances, you can work like a pro. Kneadinforthe perfect dough is the very first step for baking.

No one likes messy countertops. This pastry board would be the partner for your baking time. Set the pastry dough maker in a suitable place in the kitchen and follow your recipes.

The pastry dough never clings to this marble cutting board when you roll it. Because of this surface, the dough remains cool. It is easy to clean though the texture is electro-polished. You can use warm water and dishwashing soap to wash this board.

Before storing the board, wash the board with clean water and dry it thoroughly. Be careful never to allow soap residue to stay a long time on the board, and it will destroy your next dough with the soapy smell.

Despite having positive aspects, this board has opposing sides also. Some customers claim that it is heavy. However, this board does not move while chopping because of this heavy weight once a year.

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2. Homeries Marble Pastry Board.

Homeries brings multipurpose marble boards for cutting, decorating, and serving. It is made with 100% pure solid marble, so the board remains flawless over the years.

These cutting boards look different because of the characteristics and appearance of natural stones.

These cutting boards are used as a large serving tray for serving bread and cheese. There is no anxiety to break the knife grooves or other damage. One board can assist you for years.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Homeries
  • Weight: 11.58 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.4× 15.4× 4 inches
  • Material: Rubber
  • Finish type: Polished
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: White 

The measurements of these boards are 12″ × 16″. It can fulfill all kinds of cutting and serving needs with this board size. There are two sizes available for this tray, one is 12″ × 16″ & another is 16″ × 20″.

The rectangular shape of this board fits it for different usages. Here you get non-slip rubber feet that protect you from scratching and scuffing on the countertops and tabletops. 

Because of the natural heavy stone, this pastry board remains steady and never moves while chopping. So, it proves you can serve any heavyweight food on this board as a serving dish.

For rolling dough and pastries, this board is an ideal surface. With this elegantly designed board, you do not need any other special equipment for the same task.

These cutting and serving boards can be a perfect gift for your dear ones on any special occasion. The only downside is that it gets stains when you put oily things on this board. 

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3. Sonder Los Angeles, Large Walnut/Cherry/Maple Wood Cutting Board.

Sonder Los Angeles comes with a modern edge grain design board named Motley that is thoughtfully crafted to be practical work in your kitchen.

This board is renowned for its durability, opposition to stains, and unwanted moisture.

The board is reversible for chopping, preparing, and serving tasks. There is enough space for keeping all diced items like onions, garlic, chives, etc.

Keep all these in the built-in cracker well slide for meal prep and proceed with cutting.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Sonder Los Angeles
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: Walnut wood, maple wood, Cherry wood
  • Color: Natural
  • Shape: Rectangular 
  • Product dimensions: 17× 13× 1.1 inches
  • Special features: inner handles, built-in cracker slide, gift box

You will be prepared for the next party if you have a motley. You can quickly assemble all the small fruits such as olives, berries, and nuts. If you need to move with this board, use built-in handles features. The manufacturer will give a 1-year warranty.

They provide a replacement for any defects free of cost. You will get a Warranty registration and a user manual with this wooden cutting board.

The board is made with knife-friendly walnut wood, durable and soft to the knife. This ideal cutting board never blunts your blade. Some knives will be visible on these boards.

If you oil every 3 weeks, it can ease the scratch marks, preserve the color and prevent drying of the board. The manufacturer will give a beautiful gift box with this product.

So, you can gift it to your dear ones at birthdays, weddings, mothers day or other occasions. Apart from so many positive sides, it also has some adverse effects. This board is super slippery and scratches easily.

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4. John Boos Block Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board.



From 1887, Effingham, Illinois blacksmith Conard Boos worked for John Boos blocks.

In that time, he sold these blocks to surrounding small towns, and gradually his reputation expanded, and the business also spread.

Since 1940, John Boos earned an incredible reputation for craftsmanship and quality; from that time, chefs kept John Boos’s butcher blocks in every restaurant, shop, and food store in America. Now John Boos blocks are on the favorite list of Professional chefs Worldwide.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: John Boos
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Material: Wood
  • Product Dimensions: 20× 15× 1.5 inches
  • Thickness: 1inch
  • Color: Maple
  • Special Features: Lightweight & reversible.

Chop-N-slice cutting board by John Boos has plenty of room for slicing and cutting ingredients. The sustainable construction of this board is made with hand-selected solid northern hard maple wood. The measurements of these boards are 20× 15× 1.5 inches.

These chopping boards’ lightweight and versatile design can be an alternative to plastic boards. You can use this board on both sides though it is reversible in feature. It is not a dishwasher-safe product. Wash only by hand, then make it dry.

John Boos cutting boards are available in various sizes ranging from 10 by 5 inches to 20 by 15 inches. The weight of the Chop-N-Slice board is lighter than the other board of this brand. Because of its thin profile and portability, this board is ideal for maneuverability and easy storage.

Edge grain construction makes it beautiful. You can use John Boos mystery oil and Butcher block cream to prolong the life of the board.

Despite all the positive sides, the board contains some unfavorable effects. Some customers declare this board is difficult to clean and requires high maintenance. 

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Personalized Wood Cutting Boards

Personalized Wood Cutting Boards

1. Personalized Cutting Board, USA Handmade Cutting Board – Personalized Gifts – Wedding Gifts for the Couple.

Naked WoodWorks comes with a personalized wood cutting board that can be customized by a couple of names and their special day title.

It will be the greatest gift for your wedding or anniversary gift. This board is made with maple or walnut wood and preserved with food-safe oil.

The specialties of this board, you can slice and dice food on one side, and another side is the symbol of your memorable day. 

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Naked Wood Works
  • Material: Maple, Walnut
  • Width: 12 inch
  • Height: 1.5 inches
  • Length: 16 inch
  • Finish type: Oil
  • Extras: Wrapping paper, Stand, Board oil & coasters.

There are three main sizes available for these boards. The measurements of the large board are 12× 16× 1.5 inches. Middle one measurements are 10″ × 14″ × .75″ is a standard size for chopping and elegant display. Small measurements are 8″ × 12″ × .75″ that are easy to store.

You will get some facilities with this product; they provide your box with high-end wrapping paper then set it to another box for shipping.

A stand is given according to the size of the board you choose. The manufacturer recommends a board oil after every 5-7 washes. A serving board with 17″ × 6″ can carry hot pans or serve cheese and fruits.

Despite the positive side of these boards, some customers claim that it is not durable and the finishing is not good enough.

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2. Personalized Cutting Board, Laser Engraved Gift for Anniversary or Wedding.

Do you want to give a surprise to your relatives’ anniversary? Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts brings personalization of cutting boards very quickly.

Choose the design of what you want to engrave on the boards and take a screen where you want to like it.

The boards will be a nice gift for any special occasion of your close ones. The manufacturer delivered a display stand, board oil, and gift box. 

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts
  • Material: Maple, Cheery, Walnut
  • Size: Rectangular
  • Available size: 3
  • Additional feature: Display stand, board oil & gift box
  • First Made: USA

There are three different sizes of boards available in this package. The dimensions of a larger one are 18″ × 12″ × 1.25″ that is the most popular cutting board for a charcuterie or cheese platter.

Standard size or middle dimensions are 16″ × 10″ × .75″ with juice grooves and a curved edge. The dimensions of the small ones are 12″ × 9″ × .75″ that are suitable for small countertops like cabins, apartments, or boats.

The manufacturer offers three species of wood for engraving this board. Maple is the lightest color among these three; cherry wood contains a pale orange to red hue, and walnut is the most popular engraving wood.

They assure you about the high quality of this board. For maintenance, you would oil and hand wash this board. You will receive a board oil mixture of food-grade mineral oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, and Lemon & orange oil.

Apart from the positive sides, it also contains some drawbacks. Customers claim that the wood color is very to detect the engraved name. It is also hard to clean. Due to this, this board could be the greatest gift for your dear friend.

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3. Personalized Engraved Charcuterie Cutting Board.

Wedding Gift Boutique appears with personalized engraved charcuterie cutting board with monogram design for wedding or anniversary gift.

It is made from natural solid hardwood that is sustainably sourced, and FSC certified. You will get ecologically conscious quality products. 

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Wedding Gift Boutique
  • Material: Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Sapele, Butcher Block, Laser engraving.
  • Height: 0.75 inches
  • Width: 9 inches 
  • Color: Brown 
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Pattern: 004

There is no lacquer, chemical, or stains on the surface of this board. The finishing is given with food-grade mineral oil. So, it is food-safe, and the hardwood looks naturally beautiful. This personalized cutting board is a handmade product made with full attention, care, and seal of approval.

For any family program like a wedding, birthday, or get-together, you will become exceptional by gifting personalized hardwood cutting boards. It becomes a perfect option if you want to convey a high-quality gift.

The thickness of this board is 0.75″ to 1.75″. For easy handling, this board contains handles on both sides. The dual function of this cutting board represents the cutting surface on one side, and another side is engraved for displaying.

Though it could be a lovely gift, a few customers were disappointed about the size of this cutting board. The inscription of the engraved word is sometimes hard to read.

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Round Marble Cutting Board

Round Marble Cutting Board

1. Homeries Marble Round Cheese Tray Board

Homeries approach with a round marble cheese tray board 12 inches in size. It has a smooth finish and durable surface.

The elegant white look makes it a beautiful gift for birthdays, weddings, or Christmas.

You can utilize it as a cake stand, bread, pizza, or cheese stand. It is made from 100% pure polished marble stone.

Because of its elegant design, you can use this board for home decor, and it can fit with any contemporary to modern home decor. 

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Homeries
  • Weight: 5.49 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.2× 14.2× 2.4 inches
  • Material: Marble
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Round
  • Finish type: Polished

The diameter of this cake stand is 12″, which is the standard height for keeping a wedding cake. The 1″ size ensures that it never reaches your countertop.

For showing bakery skills, it would be an excellent choice. With this multipurpose tray, you can use it for baking or as a serving tray.

The marble board is heavyweight, so you need to worry about the falling situation when taking a piece of cake. This stability ensures the safety of your food.

There are five round feet at the bottom for a stable base. The revolving design makes it a stylish display stand for any food. It would be a nice gift for your family and friends on any special occasion.

Apart from so many beautiful features, this board contains some adverse effects. It is not a turntable and scratches so easily. 

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2. Creative Home Natural Marble Round Board Cheese Dessert Fruit Serving Plate.

Creative home comes with the accessories of home and kitchen developed for your lifestyle. It is made from handcrafted and polished genuine natural marble that may last long.

Color may vary for the uniqueness of marble stone. The natural marble is heavyweight and durable, so the round serving board becomes sturdy and increases stability. It is fitted with any home decor because of its elegant design.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Creative Home
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Material: Marble 
  • Color: Off-white (patterns may vary)
  • Product dimensions: 12× 12× 1 inches
  • Shape: Round

There are anti-slip feet on the bottom that increase stability and protection on the countertops. You can use this serving board for rolling out pastry dough quickly.

It can keep the dough, butter, and cheese calm and firm because of natural stone. The cleaning process is straightforward, wash only with soapy water.

Apart from all these positive sides, this product has a few shortcomings. The client complains that the surface is not smooth, and the legs are weak in features. 

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3. Mud Pie Gold Edge Marble Serving Board Set with Spreader.

Mud Pie appears with a gold edge marble serving board set with a spreader of a 2-piece set.

Gold foiled textured raw edge makes a fantastic effect with the netted gold metal handle of the spreader.

This brand generates delightful gifts to inspire the sparkling moments of life. From holiday to special celebration, mud pie includes gifts for all of us.

Their lovely products may also encourage decorating all kids, women, and homes.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Mud Pie
  • Material: Marble
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight: 8.13 pounds
  • Origin from: India
  • Size: One size
  • Measurement: 11.5″ Diameter 

This decorative board comes one size that is 12″ in diameter. It is exquisite in color and has a thick heavy piece. Decorating any celebration table like birthday or anniversary, this board helps you keep cake or pastry on a beautiful platter.

You can use this solid board for placing candles or faux plants. Because of its stunning look, most users like to use it for home decor. The quality, finishing, and size are very good for the user. It would be a nice gift for your dear ones’ special day.

Despite all these stunning features, this product contains some deficiencies. The customer claims it is tough to clean; cheese or other oily substances quickly make stains. 

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Large Marble Cutting Board

Large Marble Cutting Board

1. Marble Pastry Cutting Board.

Do you need a marble cutting board with a rolling pin set? Ebun’s comes with a marble pastry cutting board rolling pin with a stand combo. It is an essential kitchen utensils tool for bakers.

The marble chopping board is the best alternative for bakers that is ideal for keeping the dough from sticking.

Because of its non-porous and smooth surface, it can dissuade the raw juices of meat or fish into the deeper layer of this board. That’s why it remains healthier than other boards.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Ebuns
  • Material: Marble
  • Weight: 14.67 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 16× 12× 0.5 inches
  • Commodity: Marble board & Rolling pin set with stand

For serving any particular meal, white and rich gray veining, this board helps to eat and treat bread, sliced meat, cheese, and fresh fruit.

As an elegant charcuterie board, it performs on a dual side. The rolling pin of this board is made of rubberwood. Here you get two different materials products in one package.

The vital advantage of this board is that it is a dishwasher-safe product and can clean easily with soap and water. Unlike a wooden board, marble boards need not be covered when soaked in water.

As a marble board, this is very durable because it is made from rugged and long-lasting material. Be careful to use the knife on this type of rigid cutting board. Otherwise, it may damage your blade. 

Despite all these positive facts about this marble cutting board, customers got some drawbacks. The finishing of the rolling pin is not smooth, and the splinter came out from there.

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2. Diflart Natural Marble Pastry White Cheese And Cutting Serving Board.

Diflart brings a pastry, cheese serving, and cutting board made from natural marble.

It is an ideal size board for rolling out a large pie crust. Gift this board to your family and friends on any special occasion.

The manufacturer provides a buyer guarantee and can replace damaged marble slabs for free.

An excellent product for baking & versatility, for keeping the dough more relaxed and away from sticking.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Diflart
  • Material: Marble
  • Weight: 21.5 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Rectangular 
  • Thickness: 18 Millimeters
  • Product Dimensions: 20× 16× 0.75 inches

You can use this board as a serving tray, fruit platter, cheese board, or charcuterie board. The cleaning process is easy; wash with hot water. Because of 100% pure polished marble stone, it is durable, sturdy, smooth, and nonporous.

It is more hygienic than any other conventional cutting board. There is enough space for rolling here. Two kinds of sizes are available for your convenience.

Natural White Carrara Bianco marble slab boards are straightforward to maintain. Keep away harsh chemicals or acids from these shiny boards. It may damage the surface of the boards. If it gets any stains from foods, rinse it immediately.

For removing pesky stains, you can apply a solution of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. Apply household detergent, mineral spirits, or acetone to eliminate oil-based spills.

You can display this beautiful and elegant board on the kitchen countertop when not in use. Though it is moisture-proof, you can wash this board with soap and hot water.

Long-lasting material gives it resistance to scarring. Be careful about the toughness, and it may exceed knives. Despite all these beautiful effects, you may face some disadvantages of this board. It does not have any anti-slip feet and gets stains so quickly. 

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White Marble Cutting Board

White Marble Cutting Board

1. Fox Run 3829 Marble Pastry Board White.

Fox Run Craftsman has brought bakers a beautiful white marble cutting and pastry board.

The surfaces of these boards are excellent, smooth, and non-sticky. Rolling or kneading is very easy without any extra flour.

This board is favorable for making biscuits, pizzas, pies, tarts, pies, and pastries.

When not in use, you can keep this board on display in the kitchen. It provides exceptional results for any type of dough. 

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Fox Run
  • Material: Marble
  • Color: White
  • Product Weight: 22.2 pounds
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Product Dimensions: 16× 20× 0.75 inches
  • Origin: China 

The board is made from 100% genuine marble. An elegant natural stone provides unique patterns and corporations. Color may differ from an image because of natural variations.

Non-slip feet are attached to the board. Because of the excellent marble surface, it can keep any dough soft. You can wash this sleek design and the elegant board only by hand.

Pastry chefs prefer this excellent presentation board for keeping their buttery dough firm because the stone surface keeps the temperature more relaxed than a room.

So, it will never melt your dough, and every time you will get a light, flaky, and golden creation with your baking dough. This board is also ideal for molding pizza and other yeast-leavened doughs.

With this board, you also can use a White marble rolling pin with a wooden base, a White marble cheese slicer, White marble paddleboard, White Marble utensil holder & wine chiller. All these products are made with 100% marble.  

Apart from all these features, there are some shortcomings of this board. The board is heavy as customers complain that. Feet quality is not good in parts.

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2. Greenco GRC0555 Pastry and Cutting Board.

Greenco brings handcrafted elegant white marble boards with non-slip rubber feet on the bottom to provide protection.

For any kitchen decor, the contemporary design of this board will suit.

It is perfect for chopping, cutting, or serving any fruit, cheese, or dessert. Wash by hand with warm soapy water.

Quick Overview:

  • Brand: Greenco
  • Material: White Marble 
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Origin: China 
  • Shape: Rectangular 
  • Dimensions: 8× 12× 5 inches

The marble surface has a natural skill to keep any dough cooler than room temperature, which is preferable to roll out. It ignores the sticking with the texture and never absorbs any fat or moisture.

The board looks beautiful with the contrast of countertops and as a serving piece. The cleaning process is straightforward to do.

Hence the board is elegant to look at, here some shortcomings got by the customers. They complain the edges and corners are not settled with good finishing.

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Buying Guide for Best Marble And Wood Cutting Board

Buying Guide for Best Marble And Wood Cutting Board

How many hours do you need to spend with your cutting boards? Most probably 30-40 minutes a day, but this time is significant to keep your family members safe and healthy.

Unhealthy chopping boards bring severe infection which leads to death also. Before buying a cutting board for your family or friends, you have to consider some basic things that are given below:


Choose a knife-friendly surface for your cutting board. So, you can easily slice any fruits, vegetables, meat, fish without fear of blunting a knife. The hard surface of chopping boards makes your blade dull quickly.


The maintenance process is also an essential factor for choosing a cutting board. If it expects a lengthy method for maintaining oil or cream after use, you must waste extra time. 


If you select a durable cutting board, it may relieve you from replacing it every year. Marble cutting boards are more durable and food-safe than other contemporary chopping boards.

Size & Weight:

According to your kitchen countertops, choose the size of your cutting boards. Otherwise, it may be challenging to store it when not in use.

Cleaning Process:

Know about the cleaning process before purchasing a cutting board. Some boards are dishwasher friendly, and some can wash only by hand. Avoid harsh chemicals to remove stains or odors. It may damage your cutting boards permanently.


Choose your cutting or serving boards based on your budget. So many boards’ designs, sizes, and features are available nowadays in the market. Do not rush for costly cutting boards, maybe it is not suitable for you.

User Experience for Best Marble And Wood Cutting Board

User Experience for Best Marble And Wood Cutting Board

Cutting or Chopping boards need to be adequately maintained after every use. Store your boards after washing with hot soapy water. Follow the user guide if you want to use them for a long time.

Avoid harsh chemicals and acidic cleansers.

Users sometimes worry about the stains on the boards and try to eliminate them anyway. But using harsh chemicals can damage the surface permanently. Over the use of time, cutting boards get contaminated and rough. Replace your chopping boards when It can not clean them anyhow.

Make sure to dry out the cutting boards before storing them.

Dry out after every use, so the cutting boards get rid of stains. If you store the boards wetly, water may get stains. Soapy water also spreads odor when it is not washed correctly at the subsequent cutting.

Non-slip and juice grooves protect the countertops of the kitchen.

Protective features relieve the fear of falling cutting substances—non-slip feet attached to the boards on the kitchen’s countertops. Juice grooves of chopping boards ignore the spills of fluids of cutting ingredients.

Use different boards for different reasons of cutting or serving.

For disinfected cutting boards, users can manipulate different sizes of boards. Slicing raw fish or meat should not be mixed with fruits or vegetable pieces. So, use different sizes or shapes of boards for defining separately.

Make a different gift for a special celebration of friends or relatives.

Making a different gift for your dear ones is easy and intelligent if you give a cutting board. Serving boards for cake, pastry, or cheese is also a nice gift for Christmas, marriage day, or birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is marble wood suitable for cutting boards?

Answer: Yes. Marble cutting boards are recommended as the most hygienic forms of chopping boards. Because of non-porous material, germs and bacteria can not be affected.

What should you not chop on a wooden cutting board?

Answer: Raw meat or seafood should not be cut on a wooden board. Because those foods spread odor and wooden boards are hard to disinfect.

How do you seal a marble cutting board?

Answer: Use a protective sealer once a year upon your marble cutting board. You will get a sealer in the home improvement store.

How long should you protect a wooden cutting board?

Answer: If you take care properly, the wooden cutting may last five to ten years.

What oil is best for chopping boards?

Answer: Food-grade mineral oil is the best oil for cutting boards. It has no odor or taste. It is also called liquid paraffin.

Do you oil both sides of a cutting board?

Answer: Oil both sides of cutting boards instead of oiling in the edge only. Make sure the board is clean and waterless before oiling.

What is the difference between edge grain and end grain?

Answer: Though edge grain boards are perfect for cutting, they may wear over time before end grain cutting boards. 

Final Thought:

A fine piece of the cutting board enables you to make your cooking time easy and relaxed. If you use wooden or marble cutting boards, always keep your maintenance process healthy.

However, you have gained an idea about the best marble and wood cutting board, and now you can choose your favorable boards for home or make a gift.

Think about your space in the kitchen if you choose a bigger size cutting board. Know about the maintenance to use it for a long time. Keep your knife sharp, then fulfill your cutting, chopping, or serving work satisfactorily. 

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