How to Clean Wooden Cutting Board with Vinegar? Some Easy Steps

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A cutting board is an integral part of the kitchen. Everybody longs for a safe cutting board.  If it is a wooden cutting board, it needs extra care. Hence you need to know how to clean wooden cutting board with vinegar. Vinegar acts as a cleanser and disinfectant.

Different types of cutting boards are available in the market. They may be made from wood, plastic, bamboo, or glass. The wooden cutting board is a great aid for food preparation. 

They are mostly suitable for vegetables, bread, cheese, fruits, etc cutting. They are friendly to raw fish or meat. The article will be a guideline for you.

About Wooden Cutting Board

 A wooden cutting board is an important kitchen tool. It not only protects food ready to cut but also your countertop. In addition, your knife gets a surface against which it can work. Sometimes a board serves as home decor in your workspace.

Knives don’t lose their sharpness if they are used for a wooden cutting board. Wooden cutting boards are natural but have a gorgeous look. They come either as wood planks or as antique butcher block surfaces. 

Cleaning Wooden Cutting Board with Vinegar Step by Step Process

Your wooden cutting board requires very good maintenance. You should clean the board on a regular basis. It needs hand washing. You may need to sanitize the board. Don’t panic about the board’s cleanliness.

The maintenance process is so simple. You can extend its longevity with proper and regular maintenance. To clean a wooden cutting board you may use lemon and salt,  vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and hot water, bleach, etc.

All the things are handy to use. Among them, vinegar is of great use to disinfect and clean your valuable cutting board. But how to clean wooden cutting board with vinegar? Just follow the steps as stated below:

You need –


Step:1  Take 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water.

Step:2 Prepare a solution of water and vinegar and put them into a spray bottle.

Step:3  Spray the solution on the wooden cutting board. Wipe the vinegar solution with the help of a washcloth or sponge as available with you. Make sure that,  before spraying, you have washed the board by hand. 

Step:4 Let it sit on the board for 5 minutes. If you allow the solution to stay on the board for more than 5 minutes, it will cause warping of the board.

Step:5  Now rinse the solution very carefully and thoroughly.

Step:6 You have to dry the board. Air dry is preferable in this respect. It helps your board to remove water evenly from the whole board. 

Thus using vinegar you can clean and sanitize your wooden cutting board. Vinegar helps you clean the board, make the board odor-free and stain-free.

Being acidic, it kills different germs like bacteria, etc. on the board. And you enjoy a disinfected board for kitchen use.

Proper Care of Wooden Cutting Board

At the very beginning of your washing or cleaning process of wooden boards,  you are to start with handwash. Because too much use of dishwashing liquid may harm your board and create a crack on the board. 

Ultimately it demolishes the durability of your wooden cutting board. You should initiate cleaning just after the use of it. Such quick cleaning keeps your boards free from stains, germs, and bad smells.

As a part of its maintenance, you may add oil to your clean wooden board. Try to use mineral oil. 

Application of oil is also very easy. Rub both sides of the board with a paper towel or soft cloth having some oil in it. The board will soak the oil as required. Absorb excess oil with a clean cloth. 

After using oil your experience will be amazing. Because –

  •  The board will remain crack and warp-free.
  • There will be no absorption of water on the board.
  • You enjoy a very good look at your board.

Some people prefer beeswax. They are not harmful but not that much necessary. You may try products having a combination of beeswax and mineral oil. Oil, beeswax, etc.

All are natural and safe for health. You can go for any one of them for the betterment of your cutting board.


Am I allowed to use olive oil on my cutting board?

        : Olive oil is not good to use on wooden cutting boards. Any kind of oil used for cooking like vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc. are also on the list. The reason is they might produce an unpleasant smell. 

Can I sanitize my cutting board with vinegar?

       : You will get benefit from using vinegar to sanitize your wooden cutting board. It removes odors produced from a different food that remains on your board. By spraying vinegar and water solution on the wooden board, you can keep it stain and odor-free. It prevents the growth of germs.

How can I keep my wooden cutting boards mold-free?

        : To remove mold you can use salt and lemon. If the mold is severe you can use bleach. It is safe to use chlorine bleach on the board if it is properly diluted and rinsed off.

How can you maintain your wooden cutting board?

        : To maintain your wooden cutting board you need to keep them dry, oil regularly, clean after using, avoid dishwasher, etc. Proper maintenance of your board means longevity of your wooden board.

Final Words

Choosing a wooden cutting board for your cookware society is stylish as well as hygienic. Taking proper care of a wood cutting board is not less important than its use. Good care of it guarantees its durability and usefulness.

The article is here with all the information about how to clean wooden cutting board with vinegar. Cleaning your board regularly and as quickly as possible after every use, will create a comfort zone for your kitchen.

If it is accompanied by an exact drying technique,  you will protect your board from wearing and tearing quickly. Your board will retain its good shape. Have a clean wooden board, use the right knife, and enjoy your kitchen journey.

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