How to Disinfect a Wooden Cutting Board? Some Caring Tips

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The wood cutting board is a  classic, versatile tool and accessory. It is used for preparing a variety of foods.  They give a simple feel to any kitchen because they are the most useful and functional tools. 

They become beautiful additions to decor throughout the structure of your house. So, as a user, you must take proper care of it. 

You should disinfect the board after using it. Before that, you must have an idea about how to disinfect a wooden cutting board. 

If you want to get their longevity and keep them free from harmful bacteria, you have to keep the proper idea of using a wooden cutting board

Some Ways to Style Wooden Cutting Board

You use a variety of materials in your home. Sometimes you use the same items for different purposes.

  • You can use a cutting board as a plate charger. The handmade cutting boards are available exclusively from Susie. Such types of boards are functional for cutting and serving. They are beautiful to display.
  • You may opt for displaying cutting boards on a shelf. You can choose cutting boards on open or wall shelves in the kitchen or dining room.
  • You can display smaller or decorative cutting boards by hanging kitchen islands. You need to attach the board with a rod and hooks to a kitchen cabinet or island.
  • Another way of using a cutting board is to use it as a tray. You can keep different things on boards.

Disinfect a Wooden Cutting Board- Step by Step Process

Nonporous materials are easier to clean but wood cutting boards require more care and attention. You may follow the steps as stated below: 

  • Step 1: Regular wash is necessary to disinfect the board. It is better to wash the cutting board after every use. You are not allowed to immerse it in water.
  • Step 2: You need to sanitize the board periodically. You can use one tablespoon liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water to disinfect your wood cutting board at least once a month. Creating a barrier on the surface to protect the absorption of liquids is another way of disinfecting your board.
  • Step 3: Next remove odors. Apply a combination of lemon and salt to remove odors. 
  • Step 4: To immerse the board in water can never be a good idea. So, cover it with a damp cloth and heavy books for a few hours. Then let it air-dry thoroughly overnight and wipe off the board surface with mineral oil or vegetable oil.
  • Step 5: Apply cream and spread it over the entire board. It helps the wood retain moisture.

Tips for Disinfect Wooden Cutting Board

They are many reasons for cleaning wooden cutting boards. One of the main reasons is to ensure its longevity. 

Cleaning also keeps them bacteria-free. It helps reduce the risks of cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses. To make the best use of it you must know how to disinfect a wooden cutting board.

 Some helpful tips : 

  • Apply soap and water for cleaning your wooden cutting board. You have to scrub the entire wood surface and rinse off both sides with a clean sponge. You should remove the remaining food particles.
  • Bacteria can easily grow inside scratches on the wood cutting board surface. Remove lingering bacteria, applying pure white vinegar or household bleach. Then rinse off and dry the surface on both sides.
  • Your board can easily be stained from food preparation. Take the initiative to remove the stain as soon as possible because it becomes harder. Sprinkle the board surface with a liberal amount of salt or baking soda. Then take a sponge and a lemon. Soak the sponge in hot water and scrub the affected area. After removing a stain, finally, rinse off and dry with a towel to remove any excess moisture.
  • Pores in wood cutting boards can create unpleasant odors. To remove these unpleasant sour smells, mix a cup of baking powder and a cup of white vinegar and apply it with a cloth. You can use lemon in half and scrub the surface while holding the rind. Let the baking powder, white vinegar, and lemon solution sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water.
  • After eliminating food particles, stains, and bad odors, you can use a quality food-grade mineral oil and conditioner. Thus you can maintain the appropriate level of moisture and protect the wood from drying and cracking. Olive oil or avocado oil is not good as a cleanser.

Common Mistakes of Wooden Cutting Boards

With improper cleaning techniques, you can lose the longevity of wooden cutting boards. Some common mistakes :

  • Putting your cutting board in a dishwasher. It causes wood swelling,  fibers separating, and cracking in the wood.
  • Laying a wet cutting board flat on its surface. It can lock excess moisture and bacteria can easily grow inside scratches.
  • Letting stains go untreated. It becomes harder to eliminate over time.


  1. How often should I clean my cutting board? 

        : It depends on the frequency of your use of the board. After using you need to wash it immediately with normal water or warm water.

  1.  Is it good to use bleach for cleaning the cutting board?

         : Hydrogen peroxide is safe for sanitizing wooden cutting boards. Bleaching is the best way to clean a cutting board to kill germs.

  1.  Can I use oil on my cutting board? 

        : It is very important to oil a cutting board once a week to make it waterproof and let the moisture stay away from being absorbed in the wood. 

  1.  What type of wood do you use?

        : For making wood cutting boards you can use Maple, Walnut, Sapele, and Cherry. Maple is the hardest wood among them.

Final Words

The wooden cutting boards are more knife blades friendly than plastic or marble boards. A clean, and good cutting board is a precondition for food safety. 

To ensure a wood cutting board’s safety, you must have an idea of how to disinfect a  wooden cutting board. Your cutting board needs love and care. You have got many tips for disinfecting wooden cutting boards. 

By using the tips, you can use a cutting board to perform your daily activities. If you follow the steps of its maintenance as stated above, you can enjoy its service for a long time.

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