[6 Easy Methods] How To Display Cutting Boards On The Kitchen Counter

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Can you imagine a kitchen counter without cutting boards? It is a part & parcel of our cooking experience. But the problem starts after finishing the cutting task when you need to store it.

How to display cutting boards on the kitchen counter is not a big deal at all. Rather than storing it on the cupboard, you can display it on the kitchen counter in a decorative way.

Some cutting boards come with a stand that makes them easy to display. When you have several cutting boards, you can reveal many decorative aspects to catalog them.

6 Methods of Displaying Cutting Boards:

Though cutting boards are used only for chopping cooking ingredients, they can be used as adorning elements. With different sizes and styles of cutting boards, you can bring a unique look to your kitchen. Here you get some ideas for displaying your cutting boards:

1. Hanging on the Kitchen Wall

Hanging on the Kitchen Wall

If you want to hang the cutting boards on the wall, you can use a rod and hook system. Besides the beautiful display, it can save space in the kitchen. With different shapes and sizes of cutting boards, you can beautify your kitchen wall. On the other hand, this strategy helps you find the cutting boards easily.

2. Display on the kitchen counter

Display on the kitchen counter

Wooden cutting boards remain fresh and germ-free when you display them on the cutting boards rack or stand. You can keep it the backdrop for showing fruits, bowels, small plants, or candles. In this way, you can display one or more cutting boards beautifully. 

3. Use as a tray

In your cutting board set, the biggest can be used as a tray for displaying fruits and vegetables or maintaining some subtle elements of cooking or baking. You can also keep flower vases, candles, or showpieces on the cutting boards. It brings a disciplined look to the kitchen counter.

4. Fix A Decorative Wall Hanger On The Kitchen Cabinet

With a middle-size cutting board and hook stand, you can make beautiful wall decor for your kitchen cabinets. Attach a knob and a small jar on the cutting boards, then keep some flowers on this jar. It provides a decent look at your kitchen counter.

5. Design Boards In a Kitchen Outline

It is a great idea for displaying cutting boards. Affix the kitchen cabinet or island boards for keeping mugs, cups, or potted greenery. So, it works as an organizer for your kitchen counter.

6. Use Boards as a Serving Plate

Borrow your cutting boards as a serving plate for fruits, salads, or dry foods like french fries or chicken sticks. You can serve different items on different cutting boards based on the size. It helps you to provide a quick meal or just style food.


1. Do you leave a cutting board on the counter?

Answer: You can keep your cutting boards resting on the kitchen counter. 

2. Can you use decorative cutting boards?

Answer: You can use decorative cutting boards for your kitchen counter to decorate or welcome warmth to the area.

3. Where do you put a chopping board?

Answer: Once completely dry, you can keep your cutting boards on your kitchen counter, cabinet drawers, or display stand.

4. Which variety of cutting boards are most sanitary?

Answer: Wooden cutting boards are the most hygienic compared with other materials.

5. How do you disinfect a wooden cutting board?

Answer: Use pure white vinegar or three percent hydrogen peroxide to disinfect a wooden cutting board.

Final Words:

Cutting boards are the intimate companion of a cook. How to display cutting boards on the kitchen counter is not a matter of fact when you have enough space on the kitchen counter.

For a versatile looking, cutting boards stand or rack can help you most. Try the ideas given in this article and maintain your cutting boards in an elegant design.

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