4 Way’s How to Hang Cutting Board on Wall? Some Easy Tips

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For your kitchen, the cutting board is the most favorite tool. It protects the countertop when you are prepping and cooking. Wooden cutting boards add a new and simple feel to any kitchen.

Cutting boards are the most useful and functional tool. Some useful and functional cutting boards become beautiful additions to decor throughout the farmhouse. 

Now people constantly want to get an idea of how to hang cutting board on wall. If anyone doesn’t have a proper idea of using a cutting board, cooking becomes a nuisance.

On a daily basis, it is an essential tool that is heavily used by families. 

About Cutting Board

A cutting board is a stable board on which you are to place ingredients for cutting. It is commonly used in preparing food.

A good cutting board material should be soft, easy to clean, and non-abrasive. Regular maintenance of a cutting board is very important. 

Some Ways to Style Cutting Boards

Some Ways to Style Cutting Boards

You always use a variety of materials in your home including a mixture of wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and natural elements. Remember that some items serve different purposes. Wood will add warmth and character to any space.

  • As a plate charger use a cutting board: This cutting board is handmade in Texas. Some cutting boards are treated as an investment. These types of cutting boards are functional and beautiful to display. So throughout the year, you can use them.
  • Using a shelf to display cutting boards: In your kitchen or dining room, you can display cutting boards on open or wall shelves in a kitchen or dining room.
  • Hanging cutting boards on a kitchen cabinet: It’s a  great idea for displaying. The rod and hooks can be attached to a kitchen cabinet. Then hang the board.
  • Use the cutting board as a tray: You can use a cutting board perfectly as a tray for the kitchen island, coffee bar for a dining table. 
  • Use cutting boards in a kitchen as decorative means: In a kitchen, you use regular household items to serve as decor. In the same way, you can add some layers of cutting boards against the wall on the kitchen counter.

Hanging of Cutting Board-Step by Step Process

Sometimes the customers of the cutting board face problems in hanging the boards. They need help to hang their cutting boards.

Because they don’t know how to hang cutting board on wall. Being based on the cutting board, follow the instructions given below :

Step -1

At first, gather what you need to hang the board. Manage a hammer, a nail, and a few sawtooth picture hanging hardware to hang it. Sawtooth picture hanging hardware can be collected from a hardware store or any big box store.

Step -2

Next, locate the place where you want to set the hanging hardware. For that, you will need to select a center balanced point and mark this point with a pencil.

Step -3

You need to hammer your sawtooth picture hanger into the backside of your cutting board. You have to confirm that it is tightly closed and will not pull out of the board after hanging once.

Step -4

Now all you need to do is hang the cutting board on the wall and for that, you have to hammer your nail on the wall to hang the cutting board.

Thus, you are all set to hang it in a fixed place and use it comfortably. You can use it at any time. The rubber bumpers are there to keep your board level on any surface. 

Proper Care of the Cutting Board

A cutting board is the most used piece of kitchenware. But sometimes it is used and maintained in the wrong way. 

Wood is a natural material. After a long time of use, the wood cutting board must have to be changed. The bad side of a wooden cutting board is washing.

Never keep it in the dishwasher, after using it. Because the board is dull after washing. So it is important to give oil wooden chopping boards.

If you do it regularly you can use it for a long time. You can easily wash a plastic cutting board into the dishwasher.

Tips for Using Cutting Board

From a hygienic point of view, different cutting boards have different uses.

There are a few indispensable tips and tricks for using a cutting board. 

  • Placing a damp towel or kitchen paper under the cutting board to protect it from slipping.
  • Removing stains and odors, rub the cutting board with lemon and baking soda.
  • Making sure that your cutting board is big enough to do work properly.
  • Using the right materials for the job. Woodcutting board provides a good grip. It also protects the knife blade. The stone cutting board is very difficult to deal with and not necessarily optimal for the knife blade. A plastic cutting board is suitable when working with fish and meat. You can easily put it in the dishwasher and prevent bacteria formation.


  1. How should I wash my cutting board?

         : You can wash my cutting board using the dishwashers. For maple and bamboo cutting boards washing with warm water and dish soap is preferable.

  1. What is the disadvantage of using a cutting board?

          : A great disadvantage of plastic boards is they will soon demolish the knife’s edge. Again, the disadvantage of wood cutting boards is they need more maintenance, and should not be put in the dishwasher.

  1. Can I use both sides of a cutting board?

         : Yes, you can use both sides of the cutting board. You can use one side, for food with liquid and another side for dry food.

  1. What type of food should you not cut on a wooden cutting board?

        : You should not cut raw meat or seafood on wood. If it is done, it becomes difficult to disinfect the board. It can absorb and retain food odors. 

Final Words

A good cutting board is a very useful thing for the kitchen.  After cooking, it is difficult to look for a space for store cutting boards. Now, you can get a plan of hanging it. But you need to know how to hang cutting board on wall. 

Kitchen space may be limited. By using the idea of hanging a cutting board, you can decorate your kitchen and you can select a quality cutting board for everyday cutting, chopping, slicing, etc.

But don’t forget about its maintenance. Maintain the board and enjoy its service for a long time.

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