Surprising Facts About How To Peel An Apple With A Knife

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Do you like to make different types of desert with apples? You would have to peel lots of apples for that recipe that makes you exhausted.

If you learn how to peel an apple with a knife, it saves your time and energy. Adjust your knife and peel carefully if you feel slip clasping.

There is a proverb that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ‘ So keep apples as snacks or make dishes with them daily for your family. Here you get a clear idea about peeling an apple with a knife that helps you prepare apple dishes.

Instructions Of Apple Peeling By Knife:

Peeling apples is not a difficult task. Once you do it yourself, there is no reason to fear. Follow the instructions given below for your convenience:

Wash Your Apple And Knife

Before peeling, wash your apple correctly, even if you eat without peeling. Because Apple has the highest levels of pesticides on them, make it pat dry by using a towel or cloth to avoid slipping. Make sure your knife is also washed or remains clean.

Clasp The Apple In Left Hand

Take a big-sized apple in your left hand. If you choose small-sized apples, there is a chance to cut fingers or hands. When you catch apples with your left hand, your dominant hand or right hand remains empty to hold the knife properly.

Choose A Short & Sharp Knife

Select a short paring knife 2 to 4 inches and not longer than your apple width. Catch the knife in your right hand so you can move it appropriately. Adjusting the knife with your hands seems it would be a part of your hand. 

Set The Knife Firmly Against The Apple

Set your knife against the apple firmly and push gently on edge by keeping balance in the knife. Hold the knife handle steady way without any wiggling. It will be better to set the knife within 1inch of the apple.

Start Peeling From Your Comfort Side

Select the direction of your peeling from your comfort zone. When you feel uncomfortable peeling, there is ample chance to slip the knife and cut the finger. Do some practice holding the inward knife angle. So you can take more control over the knife when pointed out the direction of peeling.

Rotate The Apple To Remove All The Peels

Press the knife gently over the apple and rotate it slowly against the knife. Use minimal pressure for peeling the apple and keep rotating. Go in a spiral way of peeling until all the peel has been removed. 

Cut Down Both Ends Of The Apple

Because of the round shape, the top and bottom are risky to peel. Use a dry cutting board and hold your apple against it. You have rounded your finger to hold the apple and firmly press both ends. Now your peeling session is over, and you can cut your apple as you wish.


  • Check your knife as it needs to sharpen.
  • If you get a wound anyway, take immediate steps to avoid bleeding and infection.
  • After peeling, wash your apple soon. Otherwise, it becomes brown with the touch of air.
  • Rotate the apple clockwise so you can avoid any disaster. 


What knife do you use to peel apples?

Answer: You can use a paring knife or vegetable peeler for peeling an apple.


How do you hold an apple fruit?

Answer: Hold the apple in your non-dominant hand to be easy to peel out.


Can you use a potato peeler to peel an apple?

Answer: Yes. You can use a potato peeler to peel an apple just as you peel the potato.


Should you peel apples for apple pie?

Answer: yes. Apple pie tastes good if you peel the apples before.


Can you cook apples with the skin?

Answer: In the case of nutrient value, Apple skin contains an ample amount of nutrients whether you cook or eat fresh.

Final Thought:

The smell of Apple pie or baked apple crisp brings water into everyone’s mouth. But peeling apples seems awful before preparing the dish.

So, before making any decor or cooking an Apple recipe, you need to know how to peel an apple with a knife. Once you learn, it takes a minute to do this task. 

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