How to Plumb a Double Kitchen Sink with Disposal And Dishwasher? Easy Steps

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Cleaning food waste repeatedly from the kitchen sink is very annoying. To avoid such annoyance and to keep your sink clog-free You are to add a double Kitchen sink with disposal to your kitchen. But how to plumb a double kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher?

The article is for the homeowners who want to complete their kitchen work easily. For performing their tasks easily they install a double sink with disposal and dishwasher. It seems to be a challenge for them to install the set.

You will get a detailed description of the set of a double kitchen sink with disposal system and dishwasher, the importance of installing disposal system, step by step process of plumbing the complete set, easy tips for using the set, some FAQs, etc. The article will hopefully make your task easier.

About Double Kitchen Sink with Disposal and Dishwasher

The kitchen Is an integral part of your lovely home. So its cleanliness is very important. You are to stay in the kitchen for a certain period of time. Working with ease will help you to enjoy your stay in the kitchen. 

To get relief from a messy situation of overcooked food, different waste products, unexpected clogging in the drainage system there is no alternative to set up a double kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher.

Usually, you will get the garbage disposal system attached to the double Kitchen sink. It is a complete unit accompanied with a connection for a drain line of the dishwasher. 

How to Plumb a Double Kitchen Sink?

If your double kitchen sink includes garbage disposal,  it is not a tiresome job for you to connect it to a dishwasher line.

Because you are on the advantage of having a ready outlet attached to the disposal system specifically designed for your dishwasher. At first, know how to plumb a double kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher.

To install the garbage disposal unit you need –

  • A piece of  used cloth
  • Washer
  • A knife
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Voltage tester
  • Clamp or bracket 
  • A plastic putty knife 
  • Screwdriver
  • Compression nuts
  • Garbage disposal unit

Once you manage the things, you are all set to install the unit. It will take about two hours. You need to follow some steps as stated below:


Shut down the water supply. Ensure the cleanliness of the area just below the sink. 


Run the dishwasher drain pipe up to loop it around a high loop. Try to keep the loop in a higher position as much as possible.

Thus, you will ensure uninterrupted water flow from the dishwasher or sink to the dishwasher again.


Now you need to secure the end of the high loop against the back wall in between the meeting point of the counter and the wall. To do so you can use a clamp or bracket. 


After fastening, you must tie the end of the drainpipe to the disposal inlet.


In this stage you have to clamp the pipe to the disposal inlet. You can take the help of a compression nut and washer, or a hose clamp. They are available in the installation kit coming with your dishwasher.


After connecting everything if you feel secure, you can turn on the water supply again. Now you are to look for a leak if there is any by running the dishwasher. When you notice any leakage you have to tighten up the compression nuts. 


With the help of cloth wipe away the extra plumber’s putty, water, or residue. Try to avail a double sink plumbing system that includes garbage disposal. Otherwise, it will require much effort from your side to add a disposal system separately.


  1. How can I avoid clogging the garbage disposal?

         : You have to pay careful attention to avoid any kind of clogging in your garbage disposal system. Because it hampers your dishwasher’s service too. You can pour hot water into the drain at least once a week. Avoid dropping any kind of meat bones, remains of food, oatmeal, pasta, rice, etc. They easily create clogs.

  1. Is there any impact of my garbage disposal on my dishwasher?

         : Your garbage disposal negatively influences your dishwasher. Especially you have to be very careful about your newly installed garbage disposal system. You will get a rubber tube top that helps the dishwasher garbage disposal drain into the same vent. You need to pop the plastic plug attached to the garbage disposal to open the dishwasher. Otherwise, you will experience unexpected clogging of wastewater in your dishwasher.

  1. Can I run the dishwasher while using the garbage disposal simultaneously?

          : Both of the appliances use an identical drainage system. You may face plumbing problems if you use them at the same time. For smooth use of the unit, you have to make sure that there is no remaining food waste, before using the dishwasher. 

  1.  Is it safe to use the same circuit for the garbage disposal and the dishwasher?

          : Usually, you require 12/2 cables for both the dishwasher and the disposal system. It is safe to use a two-pole circuit breaker; to use separately one for garbage disposal and another for the washer. It will help you to turn them off easily to ensure personal safety.

Final Words

You already know how to plumb a double kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher. If you do it yourself it will save a huge cost. If you can’t, don’t take the risk. Take the help of a dependable plumber and protect your valuable kitchen system.

 There is a link between the dishwasher and the disposal system. Any kind of clogging in the system may be a bitter experience for you.

No need to get worried about that, if you remain careful while using the system. Again regular maintenance of it will increase its longevity and make your task hassle-free.

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