How to Remove Stains From Wooden Cutting Board? Some Caring Tips

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The wooden cutting board is a very essential accessory for your kitchen. It is commonly used for preparing a  variety of foods. Cutting boards are the most functional tool. Now as a user, people constantly want to get an idea of how to remove stains from wooden cutting board.

On a daily basis, it is an essential tool for the kitchen. If you want to get their longevity, your need to keep the proper idea of using a wooden cutting board.  So, as a user, you have to know its maintenance. You should keep it stain-free and odor-free.

Remove stains from wooden cutting board

You can ensure its tip-top shape, by taking proper care of your board. Sometimes your board can be stained from food preparation. 

On a cutting board made of a porous piece of wood, the black spots are easily seen. To make the best use of it you must know how to remove stains from wooden cutting board.

Solution for Keeping Boards Stain-free 

  • After using the cutting board you can wash with lukewarm water and soap. Then scrub the surface with a sponge and that might remove the stains from the board.


  • Applying baking soda you can remove the stain.  Have a pinch of baking soda and sprinkle them on your board. Then take some water on a washcloth and scrub the affected area. After removing a stain, rinse off and dry with a towel to remove moisture.


  •  You can do so by using hydrogen peroxide. Dilute it in water. Apply it to a washcloth and scrub the board. Don’t forget to rinse the board well. 


  • Alternatively, sprinkle the board surface with salt and lemon. Then scrub the affected area. It also helps remove stains from your board.


  • Use a combination of white vinegar and baking soda to remove the stain from your board. Sprinkle some baking soda on it and spray white vinegar on it. After 5 minutes, rinse off the soda and dry the board with a towel.

Some Helpful Tips

Regular maintenance of a cutting board is very essential for food safety. 

  • A wooden cutting board needs hand washing to disinfect the board. You should clean the board after using it every time.  


  •  A cutting board needs to be sanitized. Periodically, you need to sanitize the board. Its purpose is to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold in the board. Spraying the diluted white vinegar can reduce or prevent contamination. 


  • Maintaining a cutting board is a precondition to ensuring longevity. To get durability sometimes you need to add oil to your board occasionally. Because it prevents the board from cracking. It gives a feeling of freshness and a good look.

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Final Words 

Caring for a wooden cutting board is very important for longevity and utility. It easily becomes a regular part of the kitchen maintenance routine.

Without proper maintenance, they will get mold. To ensure cutting board safety, you must have an idea of how to remove stains from wooden cutting board.

Ensure that you initiate the proper maintenance to prevent stains. You have got many tips for removing the stains from wooden cutting boards. For your daily kitchen activities, you can use these tips.

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